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Continental Divides: Hand-Printed Cyanotype Posters
$30.00 - $450.00

Printed using the cyanotype process on Awagami kozo. Full size prints have deckle edges and are 46gsm; small prints are hand-trimmed and 42gsm.

Each poster in the six-part series depicts the major drainage divides of a continent, and you can read more (and see detailed photos) by going to

These posters are hand-printed using sunlight, and the process turns out a little different each time, so you can expect some variations from the photos. There are occasional dark spots in the unbleached paper; there may be small wrinkles; the color may be a little lighter or darker. These are part of the unique, individual character of each print. Sizes may vary by a few millimeters, as the paper shrinks upon drying. These are handmade art prints, not intended to be perfect, uniform products.

Delivery may take some time, and your patience is appreciated! I keep some prints on-hand for immediate shipment, but each print is a bit time-consuming to make, and can only be done in the right weather conditions. I will contact you if I anticipate significant delays. Please email me at with any questions.

Shipping outside of the United States may take several weeks, particularly due to disruptions in global trade. More expedited shipping is available for an extra fee; please email me if you are interested. Cost will vary by country but is typically in the range of $40 to $60.

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